Thursday, September 7th 2023

Mock Oral Exams (MOE = khôlle) : Attend an MOE (PC or PSI) + visit the padlet

Lesson 1 – Get ready for this new year:

  • How to find information on my English lessons? : here
  • Tools to improve English in class: here
  • How to improve English in-between classes?: here
  • Explanation on the organisation of a unit
  • Explanation on MOEs: padlet
  • Writing using V1
  • Interacting ! Present yourself to your classmate & ask questions.


Hand-outs : How to improve my English level in-between classes / GRAMMAR BOOKLET / MOE BOOKLET


1/ Buy English Grammar in Use with answers , 5th edition, Raymond Murphy, Cambridge University press, 2019, ISBN 978-1-10845765-1

2/ Subscribe to all the Padlets (MOE / General Knowledge / Pronunciation). Thus, you will know when something new has been added.

3/ Create your vocabulary card box.

4/ Keep memorizing V1(5 repetitions)

5/ Read GR1 + create a revision card + do the exercises in the book

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